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برقرافات باللغه الانجليزيه - paragraphs in english language
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    افتراضي برقرافات باللغه الانجليزيه - paragraphs in english language


    "Home work" This word mean a night mare for a lot of students. That’s not a strange reaction. We accept it when student get stress. I'm one of these student who used to have this problem. I was always complaining from the major of homework's that I had, but after a lot of time I found my own way to avoid the stress. I will share it with you. First don’t delay the work of today for tomorrow and try to finish your homework's early. If you really want write it down. Always start by the most difficult homework so you finish faster while you r mind still active. If you find any difficulty ask your parents. They could help you a lot and involving them in your homework is for your benefit. Taking breaks is a very good reward you could give it to your self ,because after hard work your mind need to have rest so it will be fresh. Everybody is different so don’t accept that you and your friend will finish at the same time. You may take longer time or less and always keep in your mind that doing homework's is fun and easy. At the end keep on trying to find what interests you in the homework. I hope my tips helps you. Now go do some homework's and try to find your own way to survive from homework's.

    Students around the world are always complaining about forgetting. Sometimes they forget their homework or even their books ,that could cause big embarrassment. Here are some tips that can help students to avoid this problem.
    Always have a last look at your desk before you leave the class. Forgetting is something natural but by this way you can make sure that you didn’t forget any thing at all. Areej says "I cant leave the class if I didn’t check all my books."
    If you are from the ones who forget their homework, you could tell your friend to remind you if you have one or you can call him after you study to check if you did all your homework. "Me and my always remind each other if there is any homework" said Emtinani.
    Using color notes can help you to remember any thing. You can but one in each book so you'll never forget a thin. Sara says " I always set a schedule and take notes to help me in doing homework."
    At the end of each class but your books immediately in your bag, this way you'll never forget your books. Someone said" I count my books to make sure that nothing is missing."
    Every one makes mistakes and forgetting is one of the human nature. But you should be organize and confidence, Chose a solution to your problem or make your own way to remember.

    برجراف عن الغضب

    Lots of us looks like an explosion when we get anger. Some times you just can’t control your self specially if it’s a big problem. Although anger is a normal thing and we all felt it, but it gets out of control and turns into disaster. How to avoid this exploding? This what I’m going to talk about.

    Breath deeply, and repeat optimistic words ” calm down , take it easy , every problem have a solution .” cause after while you will start to convince yourself .
    Always take a break. Don’t say the first thing that comes to your mind, slow down give your mind a chance to understand the conditions , so you wont feel guilty after relaxing.
    It’s better if you change your environment, some times the please you are in increase your irritation. For an example ,if you where in an comfort place it can help you to think better and to calm down.
    Hope is everywhere, If you didn't find it , create it. Keep in your mind that every thing happens for a reason and look at the bright side, maybe after this difficulty you will find peace.
    Some of these techniques could work with you. Remember that getting angry is not going to fix the problem. So control your anger before it controls you.

    How to choose your studying field
    مجال الدراسه

    The first problem that faces student after they graduate from school is picking there studying field.
    This is a very important issue, because your whole future will depend on this decision. Here you are some tips that can help you in taking your decision.
    Value your mental and physical skills.
    This evaluation helps you to limit your skills and to limit the fields that you can study." It's very important to know your skills" said Miss Hala.
    Consider your interests, because every one of us produce more when he study something he like.
    My father always says to me" you would be happier and butter if you study something you like"
    Do some searches and ask other people about their opinion. Searching could show you the required fields and advice is ever in want.
    Be clever in your decision and. These tips can help you to choose. Now go and build your own future and don’t wait any one to lead you.

    كيف تنصح صديقك للنجاح في الامتحان
    success, what is important is that you do your best to achieve your goals to pass the exam; you abide by the advice from your teacher, parents and friends whose knows very well about it.

    Some ways in order to pass the exams are, first, Manage yourself, Plan your time and keep yourself healthy by eating well and have time for study, leave whatever you want to do like chatting in internet , watching T.V or going out with friends , I suggest you to concentrate on what you are studying , be sure you choose a place which no body disturb you to feel relax when you study .

    Finally you should work hard to finish in due time. Being a successful and pass in the exams it doesn't happen in one day only it take time to achieve

    Success can really be defined in many ways. Whatever personal meaning you have for your goal , All student must abide this ideas I wish good luck to everybody whose are going to take the exams in the future .

    My countryالامارات
    The UAE is one of the Arab Gulf countries .It lies on the Arab Gulf and the Gulf of Oman. It is bordered by Saudi Arabia and Oman. The capital is Abu Dhabi . Oil industry is the main product of the country. The UAE has a population of 5 million people. The national language is Arabic . Islam is the main religion. The National Day is on the second of December. The total area of the country is about 83,600 square kilometers. The UAE consists of stony and sandy desert. The landscape is mainly sand-dunes and mountains. The weather is cool and pleasant in Winter while it is hot and humid in Summer. The UAE is a picture of diversity in its natural features.

    2- Pollution
    Polluting the environment has become a serious problem in each country. There are many pollutants such as cars and rubbish. Dumping waste in the sea causes water pollution. Also, cutting down forests and poaching animals will destroy wildlife. I think that we should use unleaded petrol and fit cars with converts which remove many of the harmful gases. Laws should be issued to ban polluting the environment. Finally, planting more trees will help us to solve the problem of desertification

    3- Desert
    Deserts are definitely one of the harshest places to live. They are massive and cover about 40% of the worlds land area. They are full of sand dunes and oases. Some deserts consist mainly of stones and rocks, with no sand in it. The temperature in these kinds of deserts is very hot and dry. Other deserts like the Canadian Tundra is very cold. People can’t live in deserts because of the temperature and the lack of water. Only Bedouin can live there. They use the camel as a means of transport. Some kinds of animals reptiles can live in the deserts like the camel, the fox ,snakes, scorpions . . .est. The rain is very rare in the hot deserts. The thorny plants can live there. In short, deserts are not the right place to live in because of the weather and the lack of water.
    — -- — —
    4- The importance of sport
    اهمية الرياضة
    — Sports and exercises play an important role in our daily life. Everyone can benefit from exercise. You should do some physical activity at least three times per week. Regular exercise will keep your heart and lungs healthy, make you stronger, keep you healthier, and make you look better and make you feel better about yourself. Sports strengthen the body function of people and preserve the youth of them. I advise you to make some time to practice sport in order to have a happy and healthy life.

    how to keep yourself safe from illnesses :
    كيف تحافظ على نفسك من الامراض
    — To keep your body healthy is an important thing to have anice life.And will give some suggestions to reach that enjoyment of life. first eat alot of fruit and vegetabels,and remember to keep away from fats.second do some sports that help you to have a healthy should not forget to drink alot of water and fresh free sugar juice. try also to have avariety of food and do not focus on a specific kind,but eat different kinds in a wrigt way.and if you feel

    -Write a paragraph about how to learn new information كيف تحفظ معلومة جديدة
    There are five main ways of learning new information . the first way is frequency .this means hearing or reading new information lots of times . for example you should write the new information 10 times and say it to yourself . the second way is activity . it is doing something with new information . variety is another way . it means doing different things with new information . linking new information with old one is another way . for example , you should link a new word to a word you already know . finally , finding something new information helps learning it .

    How to keep friends
    كيف تحافظ علي أصدقاؤك
    Keeping friends is an important thing to do . good friends are sometimes better than brothers . moreover , l like the friend who is supportive . who can help me when I need him because a friend in need is a friend indeed . I don’t like those friend who always criticize me . on the other hand a good friend should be honest and reliable . I like the friend whom I can depend on and trust . I can tell him about my problems and he can help me solve them and try to think about my feeling . finally , it is very necessary to keep friendship forever because life without friends is impossible .

    How to solve problems between friends
    كيف تحل المشاكل بين الأصدقاء
    Problems may occur at any time between friends . problems between friends don’t go away by themselves . it is a good thing to talk to our friend about the problem because he may not recognize that he did something annoying . in addition , it is not a good idea to confront a friend while being angry , it’s better to calm down first , then discuss the problem . the best thing to solve a problem with a friend is to talk to him face to face and share feelings .

    Managing time إدارة تنظيم الوقت
    Managing time is very important in our daily life . we must have enough time to do the work we have to do . we must also ensure that work equals the time available . it is easy to and the previous work . it is very important to do the current work first then do the previous one , but if we don’t do the correct work , it becomes previous as a result the work accumulates and we can’t do it properly . so it is very necessary to manage your time in order to get done .

    How to beat the time thieves كيف تهزم مهدرات الوقت
    in everyone’s life , there are time thieves . those thieves could be people , things and inside ourselves . some people would like either to talk or take our time while we are busy to busy want to offer any help . for example , if a friendly colleague wants to talk , tell him that you want to study . sometime time thieves are the mobile phone or untidy desk . so it better to know when to use the phone and it wise too to tidy your desk before you sit to study . finally our stomach and brain can take much of our time . it is a good idea to stop studying when we are hungry , we have to plan to study after having a light meal .

    Your country
    1- It is located in the Middle East.
    2- It is bordered by Oman and Saudi Arabia.
    3- The weather is cold in Winter but it is hot in Summer.

    How to keep fit and healthy..
    كيف تحافظ علي الصحه
    1- You should eat balanced diet.
    2- You should play sport.
    3- You should avoid snacks

    1- They are very dry.
    2- They are covered with ice, sand and rocks.
    3- The people of deserts are nomads
    How we can protect our environment from pollution
    كيف نحمي البيئه
    1- Let’s enforce a law.
    2- Why not employ more garbage collectors.
    3- How about educating people about pollution.

    How we can prevent and avoid illness.
    كيف تتجنب المرض
    1- You should eat and sleep well.
    2- You should keep the bathroom clean.

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    افتراضي رد: برقرافات باللغه الانجليزيه - paragraphs in english language

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    افتراضي رد: برقرافات باللغه الانجليزيه - paragraphs in english language

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برقرافات باللغه الانجليزيه - paragraphs in english language

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